How to Be Prepared for an EarthquakeAn earthquake is one of the most dangerous natural events. It’s called a hazard, and it can bring great damage to everything – buildings, landscapes, people, entire cities or countries. It’s almost impossible to protect yourself against such a disaster, but there are always some things that you can do to have a better chance of surviving if the earthquake is adamant.

All around the world have been earthquakes that brought destruction and death, and most of the times apart from the force of the natural hazard, there have also been others who were responsible.

Let’s see some earthquake risk mitigation techniques that you need to know.

What the Government Can Do

When you think about the authorities who are responsible for this, you should be thinking about those who have issued the construction laws. A building is a structure made of different materials and no matter if it’s your house or a complex of apartments, the constructors need to them done in a strict way.

Different construction laws need to be followed, and the prevention of disasters produced by earthquakes is one of the main reasons. The architect and the contractor who finish each building project know what the laws say, or at least they should be aware, and they should follow the instructions. If these laws are not respected, the disaster produced by an earthquake could be bigger.

Apart from this, there are also strict rules for using different materials in building different structures – some of them are not allowed because they can represent a danger to the health of people but also because they’re not suitable for supporting a significant weight or they’re not resistant enough.

When you buy a property or when you have a contractor building a house, you need to make sure that they have respected all the rules and regulations regarding this matter; otherwise, you will find your house crumbled at the first small earthquake.

What You Can Do

If you are inside when the earthquake takes place, there are some rules that you need to follow. First of all, you need to make sure that you don’t run down or up the stairs, and also you can’t take the elevator. If you’re wondering why – the answer is very easy. The stairs can crumble, and the elevator can fall if the earthquake is strong so that you might lose your life faster.

You need to make sure that you take cover under a desk or a support beam – these are overhead the doors, so if stay in the doorway, you will have a bigger chance of survival. If you have children, make sure you take them with you. If they stay asleep through the tremors, you need to wake them as fast as possible and take them away from big furniture that can fall.

If you live in a house, and you’re close to the exit, you can take your family and get outside, but only if it is not necessary to go down some stairs – as you’ve already understood, using the stairs during an earthquake is not an excellent idea.

If you’re at work when this happens, you need to hide under the desk. It might seem funny, but your office can protect you if the ceiling falls or if something else starts falling – the lighting fixtures, big pieces of furniture like heavy cabinets or anything else that is attached to the walls. In no case you are allowed to use the elevator – if the earthquake is unyielding, the building might collapse, and you might be trapped in the fallen elevator.

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Those of you who workout on the daily basis understand how addictive it can get, which is not necessarily a bad thing, if you follow all the right rules, and consult an experienced, and knowledgeable physical instructor.

While using the six pack shortcuts program many people jump right in without learning about the things to avoid or mistakes to prevent.

We are dealing with our health and body here, so some mistakes might even prove to be fatal for you. It is important to learn and explore about some of the common mistakes people make, while using six pack shortcuts, and why it must be avoided:

1.    Longer Exercises:

People believe that the more  time they give to their exercises, the faster they’ll lose their belly fat; which is wrong and a mistake. The 6 Pack shortcuts 2 program is based on the intensity of the workouts; the higher the intensity, the faster the fat loss. Studies say that more is not always the better, and it becomes even more dangerous when excessive exercises are done in an unnourished body (1).

2.    Doing regular workouts for obtaining wash board abs:

Just like Advocare cheerleaders claim, regular exercises do not trigger the need for higher intake of oxygen consummation, which leads to lack of afterburn effect, so try as they might, a person will never be able to get the six pack they want. A regular exercise is only good enough to lose fat, but the effects won’t last long and will have to be done several times in a day. Afterburn effects, on the other hand, keep working long after the intense workout sessions have been finished with.   

3.    Taking the diet too seriously:


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