Those of you who workout on the daily basis understand how addictive it can get, which is not necessarily a bad thing, if you follow all the right rules, and consult an experienced, and knowledgeable physical instructor.

While using the six pack shortcuts program many people jump right in without learning about the things to avoid or mistakes to prevent.

We are dealing with our health and body here, so some mistakes might even prove to be fatal for you. It is important to learn and explore about some of the common mistakes people make, while using six pack shortcuts, and why it must be avoided:

1.    Longer Exercises:

People believe that the more  time they give to their exercises, the faster they’ll lose their belly fat; which is wrong and a mistake. The 6 Pack shortcuts 2 program is based on the intensity of the workouts; the higher the intensity, the faster the fat loss. Studies say that more is not always the better, and it becomes even more dangerous when excessive exercises are done in an unnourished body (1).

2.    Doing regular workouts for obtaining wash board abs:

Just like Advocare cheerleaders claim, regular exercises do not trigger the need for higher intake of oxygen consummation, which leads to lack of afterburn effect, so try as they might, a person will never be able to get the six pack they want. A regular exercise is only good enough to lose fat, but the effects won’t last long and will have to be done several times in a day. Afterburn effects, on the other hand, keep working long after the intense workout sessions have been finished with.   

3.    Taking the diet too seriously:

Most of us relate diet with not eating at all. Diet food exists for avoiding fats, not to avoid every important nutrient that our body needs. Very strict diets or the wrong kind of diets sometimes results in deficiencies in calcium and iron (2). While using the six pack shortcuts program, most people make the dangerous mistake of skipping their meals, using medications, smoking, fasting or going on strict diet meals.

4.    Treadmills:

While a treadmill is an excellent exercising machine for achieving high endurance level, and to build up  leg muscles, they are not an ideal source for obtaining six pack abs. Elliptical is not very effective for losing fat and building up muscles, and six packs in the mid-region.

5.    Wasting money:

While spending money is not fatal–at least not most of the time–but it is a complete and total wastage if the money is being spent on buying fancy exercises machines. Using the six pack shortcuts program a person can easily get the abs they want, while working out at home. They do not even need to go to the gym. The most worthless devices are the ones that we buy after watching various infomercials. One would trick us into buying meds that will magically make abs appear, and some would just promise anything for people to buy the abs building gadgets.

Point is, there is no shortcut to losing fats, and gaining muscles. Also, just because an exercise is making you sweat and hyper-ventilate, it doesn’t mean it’s working. We must put thought, logic, and scientific reasoning behind every endeavor we make to get a perfect body.